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Dauphin Dog Training Club, Inc.

719 Manada Bottom Road

Harrisburg, PA 17112

(717) 469-1717

New website: www.ddtc.info

“We strive to train owners to train their dogs.”

Problems with the Site? Please contact  ddtcwebster@gmail.com.

© 2000-2017 Dauphin Dog Training Club, Inc. No graphics/photos on this website may be used without permission

Problems with the Site? Please contact  ddtcwebster@gmail.com.

© 2000-2018 Dauphin Dog Training Club, Inc. No graphics/photos on this website may be used without permission.

Probationary Membership is offered to all prospective new members who shall serve a probationary period of a minimum of 90 days, or by completing one training session (7 weeks). Probationary members shall have all rights and privileges of the Club with the exception of the right to vote or to serve on the Board of Directors.

After taking your first class or serving the required 90-day probationary period, you'll need to join the club to continue to train with us (read more about this below). Once you become a member, classes are discounted. You can also volunteer your time and earn credit hours to apply towards future classes! Check the FORMS link for the electronic version of the New Members Registration Form.


Dauphin Dog Training Club is a "not-for-profit" organization dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership. The club is comprised of members who share their love of dogs, interest in dog training, dog showing and commitment to the community at large.

Participation in dog training classes is a privilege and service for club members. Individuals who participate in a training class for the first time with the club do so as "probationary" members. Probationary memberships last for the first training session attended by the probationary member. At the completion of the probationary membership, the probationary member must apply for a full membership before additional classes can be taken through the club. The Club does not permit non-club members to continue training without joining the Club. THIS IS REQUIRED TO MAINTAIN OUR "NOT-FOR-PROFIT" STATUS.

To become a Club member, a membership form must be completed and submitted to the DDTC Board of Directors for approval. Membership forms can be obtained from Board Members and Officers, instructors and from the website. Membership is renewable each year by January 1st.  Members whose dues remain unpaid for sixty (60) days are not in good standing and shall be expelled by the Board of Directors.